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Litireso offers competitive shipping rates and can ship to anywhere in the world

How it works!

  • Create a print distribution

    Create a print distribution publication in your Litireso account. It's free and straightforward. Your print distribution publication will be in review and not available for purchase in the Litireso store.

  • Send the books to our warehouse

    After you've created the publication, we will send instructions to your registered Litireso email address on how to send the books to our warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria. We will approve your print distribution publication once we receive the books and it will be available for purchase immediately in the Litireso store.

  • We ship!

    Whenever your print publication is purchased in the Litireso store, we will ship the book to the customer with no further action from you.


We've answered some frequently asked questions below

Print distribution allows you to sell your already printed books on Litireso.

We currently ship to 245+ countries.

Yes, you can use our shipping service to send books to anywhere in the world without selling your print books on Litireso. Please call us to place an order.

Depending on the location and when an order is made, it can take 2-5 working days to get the order delivered.

We provide the highest level of security to your books in our warehouse and they are covered by goods-in-transit insurance when they are moved from our warehouse to their final destination

No. Litireso will charge the customer the shipping fee at the point of purchase so we do not expect you to add the shipping fee to the cost of the book. If you choose not to sell your book on Litireso, we will charge you the shipping fee.

No. The Print Distribution service can only be used to ship books, magazines, journals and/or other similar items that can be regarded as a publication.

Our goal is to help Authors and Publishers sell globally.

I think the most impressive thing about Litireso is their customer relationship. They carefully listened to author’s interests and have used it in developing an amazing app. Would totally recommend!

Tomi Adesina

Author & Screenwriter

When I drafted my manuscript and was looking for where to push it, Litireso came handy. It is safe to say that, so far, the interest in my poetry has skyrocketed. Particularly noteworthy is that Litireso allows you to enjoy most of the profits from the sale of your book with only tithe-like some deducted. Why there are other places where they can improve, it is laudable to have something of this sort visible in this part of the world giving writers opportunities to be authors. Remarkable.

Chidiebube onye Okohia

Author of Of Dark tides and Darkling times

Using Litireso for my books has been helpful, easier, beautiful and supportive. My readers get to purchase any of my books using different means available on the platform. I love the fact that I can express the emotions of my characters in different ways when writing on Litireso with either words or emojis😄 I'm also delighted and feel relaxed knowing each time I have a complain or can't get my way around, I get help and a quick response to my satisfaction 😊 In summary, Litireso is a beautiful platform for writers and readers to enjoy one another and spread their wings.

Yewande Joseph

Author of Meeting with the President's son

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